Wednesday, 8 April 2009


I have a love-hate relationship with the turbo trainer that lives in our lounge. On the one hand I love it because I can already see the benefit of the training that I do on it, but on the other hand I hate it because of the painful interval sessions that I now associate with it! In the last few weeks I have started zone 6 intervals sessions. Although I have experienced interval training as a runner, until this year I have never done it on the bike. I found the first session so hard that I nearly fell off and the thought of wearing a crash helmet crossed my mind ;0) I then spent the following few days dreading the next zone 6 session. That was until I had to do a zone 5 session which I actually found even harder because the intervals are longer! I am still incorporating long zone 2 and shorter zone 3 endurance rides but my rendezvous with the turbo are becoming more frequent. Dave has started making himself scarce at these times... he said I get grumpy ;0)

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