Saturday, 28 April 2012

Rocky Mountain Bike Marathon - Riva del Garda, Italy

Every year the Euro marathon season begins for many riders this weekend in Riva del Garda, Italy. My first ever race as a Topeak Ergon Racing Team rider began here 3 years ago. If you've been following my blog since the beginning then you'll know that I've been on an incredible journey over the last three years and how much this has changed me as a rider. It's great for me to return here and reflect on how much I've grown in confidence and ability since 2009. Although I still get nervous before races - I'd worry if I didn't - I now know how to manage it and to focus positively on the race.

The race starts at 7.45am tomorrow morning which means an early breakfast at 5am. The one thing that doesn't get easier are the early starts - perhaps they're actually getting more difficult! 

Every rider is able to decide what distance to ride during the race; however I intend to ride the full 105km/3500m course. I like it :) Riva del Garda is a beautiful place and it's so nice to be back. I only wish that it wasn't a flying (3 day) visit. 

Our team mechanic, Peter Felber, is hard at work preparing our bikes - team mates Alban and Robert are also racing tomorrow. Dave Padfield is taking care of race logistics and Anita Reizner is also here to help with Feedzone support. We're in good hands. All that is left to do now is go for coffee and eat some ice cream at the lake. Perfect pre-race preparation :) 

Peter Felber hard at work

Not a bad office for a mechanic ........

............or a rider ;) 
As always, fingers crossed for fun and good luck! 


Thursday, 12 April 2012

Elete Electrolyte are now selling Elete Tablytes. They're small but they were an essential part of my daily nutrition during the Cape Epic. Perfect hydration and no muscle cramps is testimony to that.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Ride Journal

'The Ride Journal' is a unique collection of the personal cycling experiences of a diverse group of people ranging from pros to recreational riders; roadies to BMX riders. It's made even more captivating by the use of stunning photography and illustrations. So needless to say, when I was asked to write a short piece for the 6th edition I was both honoured and eager to put pen to paper. I wrote about my unorthodox journey into professional endurance mountain biking with the aim of inspiring people who dream but don't dare to believe. 

It costs £10.50 and all profits from the journal go to charity which is one more incentive - if needed - to order a copy.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Cape Epic Race Report

Here is a link to my race report on the website.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

We did it. We won the Cape Epic :)

We won the final stage and the overall in the GC of the Cape Epic. So happy :) Now it's party time. I'll write more about our adventures in a day or so.......thanks for following us!