Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Continental 2009 Ad

The 'in-house' continental model is not a man to be messed with - though Irina did steal a kiss on his arm while I squeezed his big biceps ;0)


  1. Wow, Sally, I only just found out you are cycling for Topeak-Ergon now! That's really cool! With photoshoot alongside Irina, very impressive. Good luck with all your racing this year! Will we see you at some of the British XC NPS events or are you concentrating on marathons this year?

  2. Thanks for posting! I stole the picture for the Ergon blog and the Topeak-Ergon Facebook page.

  3. Hi Mel,

    Yeah, Topeak-Ergon is a great team and I am very honored to be part of it! It was amazing to meet the team; they are all really friendly.

    Dave told me that you raced in the Sunshine Cup - or should I say the not so sunny Sunshine Cup! - sounds like it was great experience. I might try an XC race if it fits in with my other races, which will be predominantly marathons. It'll be great to see you and catch's been ages! I hope the training is going well and I wish you a great season!


  4. I noticed in your profile you used to be a runner. What distances did you run? I'm an ultra distance trail runner (i've done races from 50k to 100 miles). I'm having some achilles problems and I'm thinking about making the switch to mountain biking. Coming from an endurance running background how long do you think it will take me to work up to a 24 hour solo race? I'm curious how a 24 hour solo bike race would compare to a 100 mile run.

  5. Hi Jeff,

    Wow, 100mile races...that is pretty amazing! I used to run between 3000m and 10km, so nothing like the kind of distances that you are used to running. Given that your endurance is already incredible then I personally think that you could transition to endurance mountain biking relatively easily. In addition to your endurance you will also know all about nutrition and what suits you best so you have a big head start.

    I guess the important thing is how much cycling you have done before. If you have done very little riding then it will be a case of making sure that your bike is set up correctly and getting used to being in the saddle for several hours at a time. If you are not new to cycling then I see no reason why you shouldn't enter a 24 hour solo and just see how you get on and if you enjoy it. You'll gain a lot of experience from your first one and if you get the '24 hour bug' then you can use the knowledge gained to improve next time round :0)

    I hope that helps? Good luck with it all.

  6. Sally,

    Thanks for answering my question. I've done a little xc racing a few years ago so I have some experience on the bike. I think I am going to give it a try. Maybe shoot for the 24 hours of Moab or the new Frog Hollow race by St George Utah.

    Thanks again.