Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Long weekend in Wales

I can't wait until Friday.....we are off for a long weekend full of MTB in Wales! Although my weekends are always filled with riding this weekend is an exception because I get to go off road. Wahoo!!!! The vast majority of my riding so far this year has been on the road because it is easier to train in specific heart rate and power zones. This is physiologically better than riding off road which tends to be less consistent, or so my coach Mr Hart tells me but he could be spinning me a yarn :-)

On Friday and Saturday Mel Alexander (Element Racing) will be guiding Dave and me around some of the 'secret singletrack' north of Cardiff. Then on Sunday we will all be riding the first of the series of Merida marathons at Builth Wells ( Unfortunately Mark Spratt, Mel's husband, has taken a leaf out of Dave's book and took a tumble off his bike at the British NPS - he is now nursing a broken scaphoid. Mel sympathetically said it's only 6 weeks or so on the turbo before he'll be back in action ;-)

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