Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Stage 4 Lanzarote Bike Race: 80km

Really nice course with some technical trails. I found myself alone in the wind a lot which cost me time, but my legs felt good and I'm happy.

1. Langvad 3:33:36
2. Morath 3:37:08
3. Bigham 3:37:40

It was fun to have such close racing with small time margins between the women. It made exciting racing :) I finished 2nd overall in the GC:

1. Langvad 8:31:39
2. Bigham 8:37:04
3. Morath 8:38:06

The race has been great training. Now a couple of easy days before training starts again. I'm really happy with my form, which is much better than this time last year :)

Photos to follow....

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