Thursday, 19 January 2012

Biking, sunshine, and ice cream :)

After spending a couple of weeks training in Lanzarote it was really nice to have a few days riding at home in the Dorset countryside before heading up to my parents house in The Peak District over Christmas. We had some crisp, sunny rides as well as some very wet, cold rides! And with the exception of one day - when I very nearly had to call a taxis because I was getting hypothermic – I loved being out in the cold air; there’s something really refreshing and exhilarating about winter riding. After Christmas we had a few more days back at home before we headed out to one of my favourite places to train: Gran Canaria. During our first week we had some great rides, including ‘The Valley of Tears’ which is without a doubt my favourite training ride here in GC. However, during the second week I discovered that while you can escape the cold weather in the UK it’s not always possible to escape the cold viruses!

Nice climb to Soria :)
After a frustrating week with a chesty cough and cold, I am now better and back training. It’s amazing how a few days of forced rest (and sight seeing!) had me climbing the walls and desperate to ride my bike. The first day back in the saddle felt like the first in months, it was great!

While we’ve been here in GC we’ve had a few road pros as our neighbours, including Astana riders Roman Kreuziger and Enrico Gasparotto. Last week, Cesar Acosta (president of Canarian Cycling) organised a meeting and a ride with some local children who were all really enthusiastic about cycling - it was nice to see so many young children enjoying their bikes.

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