Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The simple pleasures

Last week I was feeling a little glum! Following a recent knee injury I've gradually been building up time on the rollers and I was ready to try a ride outside. I managed a couple of hours on the road last Friday and I was buzzing! I absolutely loved it. It made me realise how it really can be the simple things in life that are the most pleasurable. The next day I tried another road ride but alas I had to turn back after 15 minutes. Damn. I tried to stay positive over the weekend but I occasionally failed and had a few moments of despair!

On Monday I tried the rollers again and my knee felt fine. I had a brilliant 3 hour road ride yesterday; I really cannot explain how much I enjoyed it even though it was cold and grey! I wasn't sure whether to push my luck and try another ride today, but the thought of a swim wasn't quite as appealing! So I decided to give a ride a go and to turn back if things went pear-shaped. Fortunately they didn't and I've just got home from a successful 2 hour ride and I'm beaming from ear to ear :-D

Without wanting to tempt fate, it appears that my 2011 training might be about to start :-D  Fingers crossed!!!!

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