Monday, 20 December 2010

Compression Clothing

I've been trying out some new compression clothing: calf, quad and full leg products from compressport. I've been using compression socks before competitions, after training and racing, and while travelling (air and road) for almost two years but this is the first time that I've used the 'footless' sleeves and I really like them. There are obvious advantages, such as being able to wear flip-flops (socks and flip-flops are a BIG no-no!) and repeated wear before washing (i.e. no smelly feet!). I also really like quad compression because it's my quads that get particularly sore after training and racing.

They're also doing a great job of keeping me warm during the Great British Freeze! We had heaps of snow yesterday and last night (well, at least by Dorset standards) and consequently I've been spending more time than normal on my rollers. It has just started raining and the snow is melting :-( Oddly I feel quite sad and I'd quite like it to stay until Christmas!

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