Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Battling the elements: ice, rain, sleet, hail, fog and snow

Well the last few weeks have certainly made training interesting! We spent Christmas visiting my parents in the Peak District and we were looking forward to getting some long rides in around the great local trails. I love the Christmas holidays because I get to ride for hours with Dave and my Dad and then sit in front of the fire while watching TV and munching through a range of festive treats and drinks. As soon as we arrived we were itching to ride one of our favourite loops around the Goyt Valley and Macclesfield forest. We were greeted with -5 degrees, bright blue skies, and icy trials. Smooth pedaling and staying off the brakes ensured that I managed to stay upright, needless to say Dave didn't.

Errwood Reservoir

The next day we drew back the curtains to reveal snow, and lots of it. On went: two pairs of socks, winter boots, overshoes, winter tights, base layer, windstopper jacket, two pairs of gloves, and a buff; and out we went. It was absolutely hilarious :0) I've never ridden in the snow before; I highly recommend it. We were treated to some amazing views and deserted trails. The going was slow and we didn't cover much ground but it was excellent skills practice. We felt like children as we skied our bikes down the steep descents; we all took turns to go 'over the bars' but the landings were soft! We'd have got down much quicker if we weren't rolling around in the snow laughing at each other! We repeated the routine of breakfast, ride, and post ride recovery (food and feet up) for the next couple of days. But alas, the snow started to melt just before the temperature plummeted again. The result was black ice and completely unrideable trails - the only thing I'd be riding would be a stationary bike. We decided to retreat back home to the South of England in an attempt to escape the ice and the turbo trainer.


Riding back at home in the Purbecks was nice and although there was no snow we had thick fog to contend was a case of holding your nerve and hoping not to hit a cow :0) Today however my mission to abstain from the turbo trainer was broken. Almost the whole of the UK has had at least a sprinkling of snow, so I doubt I was the only one pedaling on the trainer whilst looking out of the window watching the snow fall.

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