Friday, 15 January 2010

2010 Adventure Number 1: Cape Epic

Wahooooo! Yay! I've just booked my flights to Cape Town in March for the Cape Epic 8 day stage race, and I'm VERY excited :0) I'll be riding in a mixed team called Adidas Big Tree with Nico Pfitzenmaier. I now have 8 weeks to get super fit and strong. What more motivation could I ask for?! Bring it on :0)


  1. Hi. It's awesome that coming out here for the race, you'll love it! Check out for the "locals" advice and thoughts on the race.

    Good luck!

  2. Hello, Just stopping by to say your riding and your blog rock! Great going!!
    cheers from Belgium - Bart

  3. Thanks for the link Shello. I went to SA about 9 years ago and I really loved it. To be going back to race in the Cape Epic is just brilliant!

    Bart, thanks for the comments, it's great to know that you like what I am doing! Good luck with your tri training and have a great season!

    Jeff, sure you can come; bring your bucket and sponges ;0)

  4. Hey Sally,

    Was great to meet you @ the Drop Off Cafe in Afan - Wales yesterday.

    I hope that Cape Epic DvD has helped add to the thirst - it is an awesome race.

    Any how, could not find a contact email so thought I would pop a post here.

    Will be shouting for you with the rest of the riders from the UK who have been training in Wales - when you on the Podium with Nico.

    Am keen to hear how that Elete-water works too as the heat killed me last year in Epic.

    See you in the Adidas tent with Arno and Svetlana dishing out the treatment.

    ( )