Saturday, 21 November 2009

Off season: over already!

Well, I've just had 6 weeks out of structured training; riding as and when I've wanted. It's been GREAT :0) When coach Matt first suggested it I thought it'd be awful. It seemed odd to just willingly 'let go' of my fitness and put on weight. Why?! It didn't take long though until I got used to the idea and settled in to the routine of not doing much. I started running again which left me hobbling around for a couple of days. I also started to go out and play on the bike, something that I very rarely do. I've perfected track stands and started to progress with my wheelies ;0) I've also been chasing Dave Whild and Stu Bowers (Scott UK) around Wareham forest in an attempt to improve my singletrack bike handling skills; something I hope to prioritise this winter.

The off-season is now over and I have been back following a structured training plan this week. Early morning training sessions before work have been a bit of a shock to my system, and to Dave's ;0), but it's a great feeling getting to work knowing that my training is done for the day.

This year I've had trouble with a really tight hamstring, glute, and ITB in my left leg so my 'new season resolution' is to do loads of stretching and core work. I've been thinking about starting yoga or Pilates, neither of which I've ever done before. Any advice would be great….


  1. Sally - have you tried a foam roller for ITB stretching and loosening? I get tight ITB problems too and the roller seems to help. Something like these ones?

  2. Hi Eldrik,

    Thanks for the info. I've had a foam roller for a while now, but for some reason I forgot about it and I haven't used it. Dave has just pulled it out from the bottom of a cupboard :0) I'll give it a go....

    Thanks for reminding me!
    Sal :0)