Friday, 6 February 2009

Back in action!

2008 didn't end the way I expected! I became anaemic and I had to stop racing and training in July :-(

I want to make 2009 a good one, so I am now being coached by Matt Hart at Torq. I don't intend to repeat old mistakes or make new ones! I am slowly starting to get stronger and my training is progressing. Structured training is totally new to me and it has been a real eye-opener! I am not sure yet whether me and my new turbo trainer will get on but I have learned that it is an essential piece of training kit so I am willing to give it a go! Training in zones is also a new is certainly interesting keeping my brakes on while descending in order to keep my heart rate's keeping Dave busy too changing brake pads ;-)

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  1. Go girl - keep giving the boys something to try and catch up with...!!!