Monday, 29 February 2016

Lanzarote 4 stage MTB race

Last month we went to Lanzarote for the Club La Santa 4 stage MTB race. The first race of the season is always a good test of winter training and preparation and it's also good to regain the feeling of racing at speed off-road and sharpen up technical skills. Although I went unchallenged by the other women I was able to race against the men, which I always find pushes me hard - it's pretty good fun too! After winning all 4 stages and testing my speed and endurance I'm really happy with my current form and I'm well on the way to being in top shape for my first main goal of the season: the Cape Epic. Here is a great link to a trailer for the women's race which is sure to be an exciting and competitive 8 days! I'll be racing together with German rider Adel Morath with whom I have a proven partnership after winning the Swiss Epic last September. 

After the race we returned to Gran Canaria for a couple more weeks before we heading over to mainland Spain for the Andalucia Bike Race where I teamed up with a new partner, Swiss rider Katrin Leumann. While Andalucia was not a big goal, it was the last fine tuning ahead of the Cape Epic.

Throughout the winter in Gran Canaria we spent some time exploring the enduro tracks: summit to sea with 2000m elevation loss :D 

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