Monday, 8 April 2013

Perfectly Proportioned: Grand Canyon CF SLX 29er size small

For the last month I've been testing a size small prototype Canyon 29er in racing and training on a mix of courses (Marathon and XC) and terrains (twisty forest singletrack to open trails and asphalt). An instant 'wow' factor for me was the noticeable grip on steep climbs - climbs which would have left the 26 struggling to find traction. After a few training rides with a friend who was on a road bike, I also noticed how the 29er builds speeds on descents; keeping up with roadies on fast descents is much easier than on the 26, and this momentum is also evident off road too.  

The one thing that I really love is the geometry. There are a lot of size small 29ers that look 'all wheels' - a tiny frame set between gigantic wheels. Canyon seem to have got the geometry spot on; aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically brilliant this bike is perfect for small women. Now I know that you could call me biased, but I do genuinely believe that this is a perfectly proportioned bike for smaller riders. A few ladies have commented that they feel a bit 'nose on the front wheel' on their 29ers, but I can honestly say that I made the transition without noticing anything different from a geometric point of view. I instantly felt 'right'. It could simply be that we got the set up mirrored perfectly from the 26 (i.e. reach to the handlebars, saddle fore and aft etc.) but I think there's more to it than that.

I had a choice again today: ride 26 or 29er. The 26 hasn't been out in a while.......


  1. What's your frame size? S or M?

  2. I use a side small frame. I'm 5'5" and it fits perfectly :)