Thursday, 23 February 2012

Andalucia Bike Race

Since arriving home from Lanzarote one week ago, I've been to Cyprus and back for our annual team photoshoot. It was a flying visit, but it was great to see everyone from the team. It was also really nice to enjoy the breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet at our hotel. There was such a massive variety of amazing food that I found it incredibly hard to exercise some self-control. So I didn't. I ate plentifully each day and sampled most of the dishes on offer! Now it's time to cut back ;)

Tomorrow we leave for Cordoba, Spain, where the Andalucia Bike Race will start on Sunday. It's a six day stage race and this year I'm teaming up with Milena Landtwing. Here is a link to each of the stages. The race provides the perfect training in preparation for the Cape Epic (March 25th - 1st April): good endurance training on some really great trails. I'm looking forward to riding with Milena and having some fun :)

I'll provide daily updates and hopefully some photos....... 

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