Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Bontrager 24/12, Newnham Park, Plymouth, UK

Last weekend I joined Team Ergon 24 at Newnham Park for Bontrager 24/12. It’s a fun event where you have the choice of racing over 12 hours or 24 hours either as a soloist or in teams of up to 8. We entered the 12 hour race which started at midday on Saturday and finished at midnight. Our team comprised of Kim Tofaute (GER), Benny Brochhagen (GER), Trevor Allen (UK) and me.

Me and the guys :)
The course was really good fun and incorporated some of the classic singletrack, such as Cottage Return, as well as some that I’ve never ridden before. Rain in the days leading up to the event made the conditions a little slippery, so it was the perfect opportunity for me to test the new Continental X King on my front wheel. The tyre was perfect for the job. It was fast rolling but gave me a little extra grip when needed.

Our team tactics were simple: take it in turns to ride one lap each as fast as possible for 12 hours :) Trevor took to the start line first and after one lap handed over to me, I handed over to Benny who handed over to Kim and so on. After we'd completed 3 laps each the weather took a turn for the worse. We had a clear lead over second place so we decided to double up (i.e. do two back to back laps each). This would be slower but it had the added advantage of meaning that we would all only need to go out and get wet and muddy one more time.

When my turn came around it was dark and the rain really started to set in. The course was still 100% rideable and fun, but there was much less grip so extra caution was needed. This meant that the lap times slowed considerable. Fortunately for Benny and Kim it also meant that they would now only need to do one lap each before midnight. Haha! I wished I'd never suggested doubling up ;)

12 hour mixed team podium

It was great to welcome Kim and Benny to the UK race scene and to race in a team with the guys - something I've never done before, but look forward to doing again soon :) As always a massive thanks to Dave for supporting in every way that he could. You're the best.


1st Ergon 24 12:04:42 18 laps
2nd Torq development 12:20:44 17 laps
3rd AQuickRelease.com 11:50:12 16 laps


  1. Hi Sally

    Hope you and Dave are well. I just stumbled into your blog looking for some race results.
    Those uber Euro XC bikes look somewhat alien to me know. I'm always looking for ways to make my bikes more capable of harder riding these days. I hear you were injured this season, I hope you get that sorted and have better luck next year.

    Andy Patterson

  2. There are rumours that Kim and Benny buggered off to a hotel after midnight instead of staying on site and fighting for a place in quque for the "lovely" showers!

  3. Hi Andy!

    Nice to hear from you! The Canyon bike in the photo isn't mine. Team Ergon 24 race on Canyon. I race a Rotwild hard tail - I really love it :) Do you not have your Cannondale bikes still?

    I got a knee injury at the end of February and had to take a lot of time out of training. I was able to start training again at the beginning of June and things are starting to pick up again now. My knee still isn't 100% and I have to be careful not to over-do it, but I have more good days now than bad. I hear that you and Jenn have a puppy, Buxton, to take care of. I hope that he's sleeping through the night now ;) Best wishes to the three of you!

    Hi Urs!

    Yep, you're right, Kim and Benny packed up not long after midnight and went off to a luxurious hotel for the night. They had a lovely warm shower and a super comfy bed to sleep in. They returned in the morning after having a full English breakfast. I have to admit....I also followed in their footsteps (minus the full English though) ;)

    Sal :0)